Brazilian deputies are free to spit on their peers

The Ethics Committee of the Lower House waives Congressman’s action after he spits on his peer.

There is virtually nothing funnier than the work of a few Deputies in the Brazilian Parliament. But the Rio de Janeiro Representative Jean Wyllys took the code of conduct to a new level. Because of his actions spitting on a peer is now, technically, an accepted behavior.

The Congressman Jean Wyllys is the only openly gay representative in the Brazilian lower house. According to his biography available online, he was a fairly successful college professor when he joined a reality TV show called Big Brother Brazil (BBB). For reasons that overcome one’s ability to understand viewer’s voting choices for the winner of a reality show, Mr. Wyllys won the competition, he was awarded R$1 million and earned great popularity. Enjoying the recent fame, the then a mere “BBB winner” saw a window of opportunity to make his way to Congress. The gay congressman is educated and does a relatively good job positioning himself as an intellectual that fights for the LGBT rights, this elements granted him a very good national projection as a politician.

The action
During the voting session that decided the ousting of Former President Dilma Rousseff, Mr. Wyllys spit on another Congressman. A few minutes later, a post on his Facebook page admitted his actions and explained he was grabbed by the arm and heard homophobic insults. However, the representative’s problems began when a video of what really happened went viral just a few minutes after spitting, the material shows another Congressman just waiving and saying “good buy, my dear”. Wyllys had no choice but deleting his post on social media.

The Congressman accused of making homophobic insults is Jair Bolsonaro, another Deputy with a funny background. Bolsonaro is a former Officer in the Brazilian Army and every time he has a chance he denies the undeniable fact Brazil lived years under military dictatorship and oppression. Both Representatives became strong adversaries against the other when the gay representative tried to pass bills to grant the LGBT community special rights. Now, both enjoy the popularity of their positions on this issue.

The code of conduct

The Congress bylaws has a behavior code of conduct and obviously spitting isn’t covered. A few deputies filed formal complaint against Mr. Wyllys and, to make sure it was a fair analysis, Congress dedicated a few days to study – step by step – the process the human body needs to producing enough saliva and spit. Everything was taken to the point where the parliament invited specialists to know how intentional Wyllys was about spitting before actually releasing his saliva.

Part of the body of deputies judging the behavior wanted to suspend Wyllys’ mandate for a few months. But the gay Representative managed to convince the body of representatives by saying. “Looking back to what happened I actually feel obligated to do it again if the context repeated itself because the gay community has to fight prejudice”, and the body of representatives decided to send Congressman Wyllys an official written warning. Funny enough, after receiving the warning officially saying a Deputy can’t spit on a peer, he repeated he would do the same if Bolsonaro repeated his actions.

The picture shows Bolsonaro waiving and Wyllys spiting


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